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Carriage Trade Insurance Agency Blog: health tips

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Many backyard gatherings are centered around the grill and the family’s resident chef who is creating all the enticing aromas. In spite of how great grilled foods taste, gas and charcoal grills account for an average of 10 deaths, 100 injuries and $40 million in property loss each year, according to the United States Fire Administration. READ MORE >>

Keeping your eyes healthy is a very important task. Fortunately, it’s also an easy thing to do. Here are five simple ways you can keep your eyes healthy:       1.  Get a regular exam. Complete eye exams consist of a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. READ MORE >>

Mental health plays a huge role in your overall health and well-being. It affects everything, including how we think, feel and act, and helps determine how we make healthy choices and cope with stress. Because it’s such a crucial component of your health, it’s important to focus on maintaining or improving your mental health. READ MORE >>

As digital technology becomes more popular, the complications that arise with technology are more common. Jobs that involve looking at a computer screen may seem great but it’s not so great to your eyes. Be sure to rest your eyes often. Digital Eye Strain is even happening with children since they opt to watch T. READ MORE >>

The National Sleep Foundation sponsors Sleep Awareness Week every March to educate Americans on the importance of sleep to their overall health and well-being. Here are 5 Tips to help you sleep through the night!   1. Keep a regular schedule - try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. READ MORE >>

Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s bring to mind thoughts of family, friends, fun and food. However, each year, millions of Americans struggle to maintain their waistlines during the holidays while surrounded by tempting holiday treats.   Holiday Parties   READ MORE >>

Nearly 35% of adults are obese. This increases the risks of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. As a workplace, starting initiatives to promote nutrition and healthy habits can in turn increase employee productivity.  Encourage your employees to adopt healthy, well-balanced diets. READ MORE >>

  The Opioid Epidemic costs the U.S. economy over $95 billion annually, with employers paying $18 billion of that themselves. These numbers are expected to continue to rise, making it even more important for employers to design initiatives to help combat the problem.    1. READ MORE >>

  Believe it or not...healthy midday snacks are an important aspect of any diet. Healthy midday snacks refuel your energy, prepare you for a late day workout and help to prevent you from overeating at your next meal. Try incorporating these snacks into your meal plan to help you stay on track with your healthy diet at work. READ MORE >>

February is National Heart Health Month. The heart is an incredibly hard-working machine, beating more than 100,000 times per day. The heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels in just 24 hours. Because of this it is incredibly important to exercise and develop good habits to support heart health. READ MORE >>

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