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  A natural disaster or security risk could happen any day at your facility. It is imperative that you have a plan to handle these potential risks, both to ensure the safety of your students and staff and to avoid a financial crisis that could shut down your facility. READ MORE >>

  Playgrounds are an important part of kids' educational environments by allowing them to exercise and expel energy so they can better focus in the classroom. However, playgrounds are commonly the site of many injuries, ranging in severity from minor to serious. READ MORE >>

  There are countless unique risks and liabilities associated with a child care facility. One liability that has been highlighted in the media in recent years is the sexual abuse of minors. Whether false or real, such a lawsuit can have severe consequences. Your top priority is to ensure the safety of your students. READ MORE >>

  As a child care professional, ensuring safety of all children in your facility is your primary responsibility. But you must also take the necessary steps to keep yourself out of danger in order to best care for the children at your facility. Consider the following safety recommendations when working in a child care facility: READ MORE >>

Your reaction and ability to communicate well in the event that you encounter a hostile intruder at the facility can mean saving lives. There are a few things you should consider carefully now so that if an incident does arise, you are fully prepared to protect yourself and your students.  READ MORE >>

  Choosing a daycare or school can be a difficult decision for many parents. With the increased concern for safety issues, security, and the overall operations of a facility and its staff, you want to make sure your facility and services meet parents' expectations and regulations. READ MORE >>

  The violence that occurs in neighborhoods & communities has found its way inside the halls. Officials and managers must do more to prevent violence and its preventable aftermath. Effective facilities take special care in training their entire staff on understanding and identifying warning signs for violent behavior. READ MORE >>

  Employing trustworthy, quality child care specialists is one of the most important responsibilities of an administrator or manager. Background checks are a fundamental part of ensuring this trustworthiness. While regulations vary from state to state, there are certain federal resources that can help educational facilities ensure the integrity of their teachers. READ MORE >>

    Bacteria can thrive during all times of the year in all areas of your facility. Letting contagious diseases like the flu spread from one person to many of the students or staff members is preventable. Proper disinfection of your facility can prevent waves of sickness from hitting your center. READ MORE >>

  The weather is getting warmer and the kids are getting eager to get outside. Whether you operate a school, daycare program or you are a friend watching another family's kids, it is important to follow proper safety precautions for sports and other outside activities. READ MORE >>

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