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Wednesday March 20, 2019 is the First Day of Spring. This means it’s time to for a fresh, clean start for your house. Sometimes the idea of cleaning can be daunting but the results are rewarding. Here are some tips to help you start and finish your Spring Cleaning goals. 1. READ MORE >>

Generally, pipes that are exposed to outdoor temperatures freeze more readily, such as hose bibs, swimming pool lines and water sprinkler lines. Pipes that run along exterior walls in the home with minimal insulation also tend to freeze more easily. Read on for some hints to help keep your pipes from freezing. READ MORE >>

  If your second home is typically unoccupied for periods of time, it's worth investing in items that create insurance discounts to offset the cost of your premiums. This includes smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, deadbolts and a central alarm system for burglaries and fires that contacts an outside service. READ MORE >>

      While pool owners enjoy the convenience of a backyard pool, owning one comes with serious responsibilities. From poolside party safety tips to supervision, there are many general safety precautions you can take to make sure your friends and family enjoy your pool safely. READ MORE >>

  Hurricanes are at their peak from June through November. During a hurricane, heavy rains and catastrophic winds barrel through coastal areas and can severely damage or destroy homes and businesses. The best way to minimize damage is to be prepared before one strikes.      READ MORE >>

  Many of us have taken our earth's resources for granted, and it continues to become apparent that we need to change how we live in order to conserve our planet for future generations. It is vital that we change our lifestyle habits, both at home and at work, to preserve our resources. READ MORE >>

  Moving is a time-consuming project. Because this process can take months, being organized and planning ahead can make a big difference. The sooner you start planning, the better off you will be moving this process along. These tips will help make this as easy as possible, so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible: READ MORE >>

  Is it warmer enough to fire up the grill for a nice barbecue...close enough. When you are inviting friends and family over for a weekend barbecue, make sure to practice safety precautions around the grill to prevent anyone from being injured or burned. READ MORE >>

  Improving the safety and security of your home has become easier and more affordable. There is a variety of technology that lets us leave our homes knowing they are safe and protected. Carriage Trade Insurance can help you protect your home and belongings with the right Homeowners policy. READ MORE >>

  As we put away our winter coats and snow boots and trade them in for longer days of sunlight and warm weather, it is important to have a checklist of tasks for your home. The winter weather can be harsh on our homes and bodies so taking the proper steps to take care of home maintenance and our health is important. READ MORE >>

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