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Carriage Trade Insurance Agency Blog: driving tips

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Losing control of a car is undoubtedly one of the most frightening experiences behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is a potential side effect when the temperatures turn frigid and the roads get slick with ice or snow. Remember to be extra cautious while driving below freezing temperature (0⁰ C or 32⁰). READ MORE >>

While Driving you should NOT be engaging in other activities. Driving should be the only focus! Here are 5 Don'ts while Driving: 1) Don't Drive Unrested. 2) Don't Eat and Drink.   3) Don't Use Cellphones. 4) Don't take Eyes off the Road. 5) Don't Forget to Buckle Up. READ MORE >>

Feeling thirsty means your body is on the road to dehydration. Do not wait until then, especially if working or exercising outside in extreme heat.   Summer heat can be more than uncomfortable—it can be a threat to your health, especially for older adults and children. READ MORE >>

  After exceeding 50 inches of snow in the New York Metropolitan area this winter, The roads have paid a heavy price. Numerous amounts of potholes have decorated highways across the east coast. If you’re not careful, you can do major damage to your car. * Never hit your brakes before encountering a pothole. READ MORE >>

Work Zone Driving Facts ·         During the past 5 years in work zone crashes more than: ·         4,400 persons died (85 percent of which was the driver or passenger) READ MORE >>

If you are going to give a teen the keys to a car, you must have a conversation about drinking and driving.  Here are some tips for parents and their discussing drinking and driving; Set clear rules against drinking and driving. You are not their friends – you are their parents. READ MORE >>

Senior Driving Seniors represent the fastest-growing segment of drivers, with current projections suggesting that a quarter of all drivers will be over 65 by 2025. However, as we get older, our driving abilities tend to diminish. READ MORE >>

So far, New York City has experienced over 40 inches of snowfall this winter. With six more weeks of winter to go, there does not appear to be an end in sight. Here are some tips for driving in snowy weather: Go slow, accelerate slowly and don’t use cruise control on wet or icy roads. READ MORE >>

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