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 It’s a beautiful time of the year to visit local farms to find your usual weekly produce needs and maybe some surprises. It’s important to support local farms and family businesses. Plus, who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly picked apple and a cider donut at this time of the year?


1.   Enjoy fresh produce and homemade products

 There is nothing better than biting into freshly picked produce. It definitely beats the products picked and shipped from who-knows where. Produce from the farm is picked when it is fully ripe, giving you the best quality to bring home. This is the true definition of “farm fresh.” You also can’t pass down a fresh pie, milk, or homemade fudge.


2. Support local & family businesses

Family farms are a custom that has been carried out throughout history. While it is much less common, it is an important part of the community. This practice can help stimulate local economic growth, and long-term sustainability for food production outside of the overly industrialized practices. It is increasingly difficult for farms to gain access to credit with the corporate over-take of the agricultural industry. This makes it even more important to support these businesses and families.


3. Environmental Protection

Long-distance transportation and over-packaging of products adds to pollution and waste. Local food does not have to travel far, and requires little protective packaging because of this. Crops on farms are absorbing carbon emissions, and even help to combat global warming. The habitats of farms also help to support the homes of many species of wildlife. 


4. Local food is better for you

 Image result for gmo-freeMany of the products sold in stores are highly processed and grown using pesticides which can be harmful to the body. Local farmers generally minimize or even eliminate these chemicals in their fields. Many farmers will even invest in sustainable techniques which are much safer for customer consumption and the long-term sustainability of their lands. 


5. "Tis the season for pumpkin and apple picking!