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  Wearable Technology is the new revolution in Workers' Compensation and injury prevention on-the-job. As the use of technology and new access to various data in employee risk factors continuously expands, managers can improve workplace safety measures and reduce the number of one-the-job injuries. READ MORE >>

  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, shift workers are at a higher risk for health and safety issues such as fatigue, irritability, reduced performance and decreased mental agility in the workplace. Due to the changes in scheduling and/or adapting to working at night, shift workers have more difficulty concentrating, which increases the possibility of error or accidents. READ MORE >>

  Improving the safety and security of your home has become easier and more affordable. There is a variety of technology that lets us leave our homes knowing they are safe and protected. Carriage Trade Insurance can help you protect your home and belongings with the right Homeowners policy. READ MORE >>

  Credit cards are incredibly helpful for making large purchases. However, if you don't keep up with your payments, credit card debt can compound and become a serious source of stress. Managing your credit card debt can be simple with these tips:   Treat your credit cards like cash. READ MORE >>

  As we put away our winter coats and snow boots and trade them in for longer days of sunlight and warm weather, it is important to have a checklist of tasks for your home. The winter weather can be harsh on our homes and bodies so taking the proper steps to take care of home maintenance and our health is important. READ MORE >>

After recent Nor'easters it is a good idea to always be prepared for unpredictable weather and storms. Be ready to go! In the event of another Nor'easter, severe rain or snow storm or hurricane, having proper items to handle various situations can help you and your family get through the storm safely. READ MORE >>

Schools should always be ready with a plan in case they need to prepare their faculty and students for emergency situations. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you are equipped to handle various situations at your school.   Emergency Response for Schools Checklist.pdf   READ MORE >>

  The average internet user has about 25 accounts to maintain. Despite the large number of accounts, those users only use an average of 6 different passwords to protect them. With identity theft and data breaches an ever-growing problem, it is important to not only have different password... READ MORE >>

  It can be difficult for parents/guardians to leave their children at a daycare center. Whether your organization is in your home or at a facility, it is important to take proper precautions in order to ensure the safety of all of the children and staff involved. READ MORE >>

  You may think that a homeowners insurance policy provides adequate coverage for all your valuables, but policies may provide limited or no coverage for some items including expensive items that are damaged or stolen.   READ MORE >>

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